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Quality Service Station Accessories Are Essential for Positive Customer Experiences

Source North America Corporation provides a large assortment of service station accessories that fuel retailers need to maintain a busy, customer-friendly gas station.

Fuel site operators know that top-quality, service station accessories are just as important for maintaining customer loyalty as dependable dispenser equipment. From decals and signs that communicate critical safety information, to price-sign tools that enable swift pricing updates and essential forecourt accessories such as trash cans and windshield wash squeegee buckets, the maintenance of this equipment plays an essential role in the experience customers have with your fuel site. Our full line of environmental and safety products will ensure your site is prepared for minor spills and injuries, while our thread sealants, gauge poles and sticks will make easy work of everyday maintenance and inventory management tasks.

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1 Gallon 1-1/2 Microbicide Biocide

1 Gallon 1-1/2 Microbicide Biocide

  • FQS 1.5 Microbicide as an antimicrobial used in the control of bacteria and fungi in fuel systems that store liquid hydrocarbon fuels and oils such as: crude oils, petrochemical feed stocks, liquefied petroleum gases, gasoline, aviation fuels, kerosene, diesel fuel oils, fuel oils, residual fuel oils, coal slurries, renewable fuel blend stock and renewable fuel blends.

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