New Building Signage at Hayes’s Arizona Branch


Our New Sign

Building signage is incredibly important to a business because it helps establish brand recognition and lets people know:

  • Who You Are
  • What You Do
  • Where You Are Located

In August, we decided to upgraded our exterior signage at our Phoenix branch by wrapping a blank concrete section of our building with vinyl.

Concrete surfaces can be very irregular, so adhesion was a major concern for us. As we began our search for the ideal material, we knew that we had to use a film that could adhere well to uneven surfaces and was durable. There are a number of different options out there, and it can be challenging to pick the best vinyl for your project. After comparing various specialty films, we decided to use Arlon’s DPF 8000.

Before the installation.

Before installation.

Why DPF 8000?

Arlon’s DPF 8000 is a durable, high tensile PVC film with a high tack adhesive system that helps it adhere to textured walls, such as ABS plastics, brick, concrete or stucco. We chose this particular film because it conforms to slight contours and textures easily, making it an ideal solution for our concrete wall. Touted as “The Hard-to-Stick Surface Solution”, it has certainly proved to be true. We are incredibly pleased with how well our sign turned out, and would definitely recommend this product to those who needs a film for “hard-to-stick” or low energy surfaces.

For more detailed information on the application process, check out this video:

To learn more about techniques and best practices when working with graphic films, check out Arlon’s site,

Performance and Physical Data

Surface Finish: 40-60% Gloss
Roll Widths: 30″, 49”, 54”, 60”
Roll Lengths: 50 yards
Adhesive: Aggressive, High Tack, Permanent Adhesive
Compatible Print Systems: Solvent, Latex, UV

Starting the installation process.

During the installation process.

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