OPW - 7HB Series Green Diesel/B5 Pressure-Sensing Automatic Prepay Nozzle With 1 Inch NPT Inlet, 1-Piece Hand Insulator, Aluminum Spout With Spout Ring, And 3-Position Hold-Open Rack. UL 2586 Listed.Item No. 7HB-0100

List Price:  $190.40 Each  
Your Price: $161.84 Each

For Heavy-Duty, High-Flow Truck, Bus, and Fleet Service. Even, smooth spray pattern minimizes diesel foaming and false shut-offs.

Will not open until the pumping system is pressurized and closes automatically when the pressure is removed. Easy to use Accu-Stop to-the-penny Flow Control technology allows tank top-off to the exact amount.

Mfr / Trade Name:OPW Fueling Components Category - Main:Dispenser Equipment
Hanging Hardware:Nozzle Type:Conventional Pre-Pay
Inlet:1 Inch Color:Green
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