OPW - 4 Inch Aluminum Tank Monitor Cap And Adapter 1/2 Inch GrommetItem No. 62M-0500

List Price:  $112.77 Each  
Your Price: $95.85 Each
The 62M Monitoring Probe & Adaptor Kit includes a 4 inch side-sealing adaptor, 4 inch side-sealing cap (tapped), and a 1/2 inch wire grommet to secure the cable from an electronic tank gauge probe in the tank riser pipe

The 62M is gasketed to seal against water and debris entering, or vapors from escaping the tank. The cap includes provisions for a padlock to secure entry

Mfr / Trade Name:OPW Fueling Components Category - Main:Underground Storage Tank Equipment
Category - Main:Monitoring Systems Category - Main:Aboveground Storage Tank Equipment
Caps & Adapters:Tank Monitor Cap & Adapter Type:1/2 Inch Port
Composition:Aluminum Size:4 Inch

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