Emco Wheaton - 2 Inch NPT Thread-On Aluminum Pressure Vacuum Vent, 2-1/2 - 6 Inch Range Water Column Pressure, 6 - 10 Inch Range VacuumItem No. A0084-038

List Price:  $102.21 Each  
Your Price: $86.88 Each

Is an internal pressure vacuum valve that restricts vaopr escape during product drops.

Installs on the top of the vent pipes from the underground or aboveground fuel storage tank. The vent valve is equipped with a wire mesh screen designed to protect the storage tank vents against inrusion and blockage.

Mfr / Trade Name:Emco Wheaton Retail Category - Main:Aboveground Storage Tank Equipment
Category - Main:Underground Storage Tank Equipment Valves, Drop Tubes & Vents:Vent
Type:Pressure Vacuum Vent Size:2 Inch
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