Cim-Tek - 10 Micron Multi-Fuel Ultimate Defense Particulate Removal And Water Or Phase Separation Detection Spin-On Petroleum Dispenser Filter, 1-1/2 Inch-16 Thread - 1 Inch Flow (70120)Item No. 400MB-10

List Price:  $23.00 Each  
Your Price: $14.95

Removes particulate and detects free water, emulsified water, or phase separation in Gasoline and Ethanol blends up to 25%.

Advanced Water and Phase Separation Detection material between 2 Microglass layers restricts flow to notifiy operator that action is needed. Proprietary Microglass-Cellulose hybrid outer pleat pack.

Mfr / Trade Name:Cimtek Category - Main:Dispenser Equipment
Dispenser Maintenance:Filters Type:Particulate Removal And Water/Phase Separation Detecting
Size:1 Inch Micron Size:10 Micron
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